9 Jan

Try the Refinance Simulator Today

Mortgage Tips

Posted by: Martin Paul Adaszkiewicz

In these uncertain times, many people are looking how to improve their finances. Customers can now use the refinance tool in my Mortgage Toolbox to help with that.  Easily try different debt-consolidation examples to lower interest or monthly payments and free up cashflow. Enter any outstanding credit card, line of credit or loan payments and consolidate into one managable payment.

If you have owned your home for several years, chances are that it has appreciated in value.  It might be the time to use the  equity in your home through a mortgage or a home equity line of credit.  This is called refinancing your home and a refinance allows you to tap into some of the built-up value in your home to pay other debts off.

Download the mortgage toolbox on your smartphone whenever you need it. My contact information is on the app so please reach me for any questions.